We’re eagerly awaiting the arrival of the biggest order for Longboard Skateboards we’ve ever purchased at one time and we purchased them from the biggest name in Longboarding, Sector 9.  Since the day we opened in 2010 we have worked with Sector 9.  In 2011 we took a business to trip California and while we were there toured the Sector 9 facility and met with our rep, Tom, personally.  It was rewarding experience meeting Tom and having him show us first hand the manufacturing of world-class Longboards like Sector 9.  From pressing the boards, to cutting and sanding (shaping) right down to the application of the graphics we saw it all.

Since that time we’ve opened up accounts and started working associations with board manufacturers from New York to Canada.  As a matter of fact, we now work with the biggest names in Skateboarding and Longboarding.  In that time we’ve seen many changes in Longboard shapes and concaves to materials used.  I personally have at one point or another tried most of them.  From “drop downs” to “drop throughs” to “double drops”- I’ve ridden and tested them all so as to have real, practical, first-hand experiences with them.  And, it doesn’t stop there.  In addition to that I’ve ridden and tested every variation of wheels imaginable.  From the softest to the hardest urethane wheels, to off-set and center-set varieties to traditional and conical-shaped edges.

For these reasons and more we have decided to dedicate a large amount of retail floor space to Sector 9.  Since 1998 they have been pushing their brand to the masses and pushing the envelope of what  skateboarding means.  Sector 9 even manufacturer short boards and house a “bowl” type skatepark inside their warehouse.  For those who can’t appreciate what long boarding is to the skateboarding lifestyle, I submit to you that I personally have seen many kids come in to get a Longboard only to eventually return to customize a short board for learning tricks and riding vert.  We’re excited to have such a great selection of Longboards and even more happy to remain loyal to one of the first brands that DeckadencE began working with and stocking back in 2010, Sector 9.  Keep posted for their arrival later in the month and then come in and let us find the perfect Sector 9 skateboard for you, your friends or loved ones.

I like to think of Longboarding as the gateway drug of skateboarding! 😉  Happy shredding!  -DB